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98% visa success rate for all our students’ applications.


Quality educational experiences and low-cost support services.


Consistent, dependable and UK qualified staff.


Knowledgeable staff, with personal experience of studying or living abroad.

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Matching students’ need to reputable institutions worldwide.
Providing quality experiences and support services that enable students to develop their full potentials.
To always be open, professional, reliable, honest and ethical in the way we do business with both our customers and partnering Institutions.


We offer the following services

Universiy Applications

We assist in filling out all applications regarding admissions for our students and ensuring they are in the strongest position to get admitted into reputable institutions worldwide.

VISA Application And Assistance

We take it further from getting our applicants admitted; we assist with visa applications for both the students and their families.

Pre-Departure Orientation Services

We ensure that our applicants are well educated on the course, culture and their destination so they can easily adapt in their new environment.

Hotel Booking And Accommodation

Through our network in different countries, we can help you book temporary stay in hotels, as well as residential accommodations suited to your purpose and tailored to your budget. Whatever your requirements are, safety is our number one priority!

Career Advice And Support

Bespoke, tailored career advice is fundamental to the services we provide

Travel Experiences And Study Orientation Tours

A personalised study orientation tour of the area where you’re studying or just a trip abroad? Axelle Education Consult has got you covered. We provide a travel experience that is designed around your needs.

Adapted Services For Special Needs Applicants

Our staff have been trained and have the right resources to accommodate the needs of individuals with special needs and disabilities.


Success Rate


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Students helped

I will wholeheartedly recommend Axelle Education Consult to anybody looking to study abroad.

Amalachukwu Okonkwo Grenoble Ecole de Management . Grenoble, France.

I can sincerely say that as a beneficiary of their services, my life has been made easy. Axelle education consult is the right choice.

Bukola Adetonwa Ja-momoh PhD in Management Bangor university, UK.

I will certainly seek your advice again, when I’m faced with the next dilemma.

Asoki Benita May LLM International Commercial/Business Law

Their manner of approach is friendly, accessible and cost effective. They have equipped me with significant information and this was a great fit for me.

Bunmi Emenike-Worlu PhD Health Sciences.

Their whole recruitment process is seamless and I cannot recommend the services offered any less.

Eki Okoro The University of Glasgow, Scotland, UK.

Once I got in touch with Axelle, everything changed. The counsellors gave me all the support and advice I needed and made the whole process so easy, it felt like I was in a child's play.

The Olotus Profession Doctorate Bangor University

Honestly, I do not think that I would have made this academic year’s deadline as a doctoral student if Axelle had not happened to me.

Catherine Eniaiyeju PhD Law student Bangor University, North Wales, UK

Axelle Education Consult always do the right thing, are legit and can be trusted without fear. They make things happen! I say thank you and will continue to shout out the good news for the world to know.

Elohor Mark Otubu Professional Doctorate Healthcare Bangor University, North Wales, UK

There were times I lost hope of even continuing the admission, but the counsellor was relentless. She encouraged me that it was possible and today I am currently in the UK studying for a Professional Doctorate.

Dr Mary Professional Doctorate (DHealthCare Public Health) Bangor University, North Wales, UK

They were able to find me a reputable school that matches my expectation and also provided me with all the necessary information to help me forge ahead in my academic pursuit. I will strongly recommend them any day, and to anyone.

Peter Ehiremen Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada