We assist in filling out all applications regarding admissions for our students and ensuring they are in the strongest position to get admitted into reputable institutions worldwide.



We take it further from getting our applicants admitted; we assist with visa applications for both the students and their families.


We ensure that our applicants are well educated on the course, culture and their destination so they can easily adapt in their new environment.


Through our network in different countries, we can help you book temporary stay in hotels, as well as residential accommodations suited to your purpose and tailored to your budget. Whatever your requirements are, safety is our number one priority!


Bespoke, tailored career advice is fundamental to the services we provide


A personalised study orientation tour of the area where you’re studying or just a trip abroad?  Axelle Education Consult has got you covered. We provide a travel experience that is designed around your needs.

Special Needs

Our staff have been trained and have the right resources to accommodate the needs of individuals with special needs and disabilities.