I have always dreamt of getting a second degree and studying abroad, but dreams don’t always come true, you have to pursue it to get the reality of it. I am most grateful to God for aligning my path with Axelle Education Consult.

My family and I were introduced us to the Consultancy, through a family friend dear to my heart. It was at our first consultation that we were briefed on the entire process. We had initially thought that this was going to be like other prior encounters where we have been let down so many times by other recruitment agents. However, with the way Axelle Consult explained the requirements, the documentation needed, and finances involved, it became really clear what was needed to facilitate the process. What looked like an impossible task became so easy. This was only because we got the right guidance. It was not easy though, at so many points when my family almost gave up, the counsellors were very encouraging and supportive. They put in their best to ensure that everything worked out properly. And finally, here I am in the reality, with my family and studying at Bangor University.

Axelle Education Consult always do the right thing, are legit and can be trusted without fear. They make things happen! I say thank you and will continue to shout out the good news for the world to know.

Elohor Mark Otubu

Professional Doctorate Healthcare

Bangor University, North Wales, UK