I got in touch with Axelle Education Consult through a Friend and colleague Dr Olotu. She had relocated (for studies) with her family to the UK the year before and I was curious to know how she did it. She explained to me that the process was done through Axelle Education Consult and if I was willing, she would link me up. My ambition has always been to study abroad and also give myself a break from my present field of work, so the choice came naturally, and I agreed for her to put me in contact with them.

Since I got in contact with Axelle, my entire life has changed for GOOD. The counsellor in charge at the time, took care to explain what studying abroad entails, the cost and other expectations. She willing, patiently and diligently put me through every step of the admissions and visa process.

There were times I lost hope of even continuing the admission, but the counsellor was relentless. She encouraged me that it was possible and today I am currently in the UK studying for a Professional Doctorate.

I am grateful for coming in contact with Axelle and I have vowed never to keep my mouth shut. I have spread the Good news and will keep spreading the good news

Dr Mary

Professional Doctorate (DHealthCare Public Health)

Bangor University, North Wales, UK