Where do I start? That was the first question that came to mind when I picked up my pen to appreciate Axelle Education Consult. Everybody knows that the process of schooling abroad can be very difficult. I remember vividly my admission process. There were loads of stressors (emotional, financial and physiological) and this was evident in both the university applications and visa application process.

Once I got in touch with Axelle, everything changed. The counsellors gave me all the support and advice I needed and made the whole process so easy, it felt like I was in a child’s play. Whenever I remember the mock interviews, the checklist and other requirements, I always laugh. If you don’t meet the requirement or pass the interviews, sorry, Axelle would probably not help as they are very straight forward. They always insist on credible applicants.

For me, the best service they provide is the “Applicants with dependants” package.  Everything is done behind the scene; no fuss and all the dependants have to do is go for their biometrics at the Visa Application Centre. Because of Axelle, I was able to travel with my hubby and that has greatly improved my experience of studying in the UK. My PhD has been great because I have my hubby’s /family support. Thank you Axelle Education Consult for making this possible!

The Olotus

Profession Doctorate

Bangor University